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The Craft of Whisky Cocktails

An interactive session showcasing how to make the most delectable whisky cocktails with Johnnie Walker.


Lauren Baker:

Cultural Icons, Impact + Transformation

Creative Producer for Beyonce, Lauren Baker shares her journey - both personal and professional - of how working with a cultural icon has shaped her world view, and lead to a personal transformation she could have never imagined.


Learning to Smell

From Flower to Perfume, an olfactory experience with Regime Des Fleur


The Water Controversy

We don't eat processed foods, but we often drink processed water - talking water and sustainability with Rising Springs.

Veggie Butchery

A hands-on workshop: crafting the perfect board with the talented ladies of Lady and Larder


Unearthing Your Most Authentic Self

Author, consultant, and social entrepreneur, Talonya Geary takes us on a multi-sensory experience helping to turn invisible thought into actionable reality while sharing details from her new book #GoDo.